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Space Planning for Your Needs

Are you looking for a comfortable country kitchen to enjoy family and friends over a meal? Do you dream of a romantic Tuscan Cucina where you and your partner can create an Italian feast for two? Is your dream kitchen a sleek and sophisticated contemporary room where you will cook with ease and efficiency?

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Knowledgeable Team Members

No matter, with Heritage Kitchens & Baths your kitchen will be just that. Our knowledgeable team will look at the existing space or planned space and ask:

  • How many people use the space?
  • Is there a primary chef or does the family cook as a team?
  • Do the homeowners cook for family alone or to entertain friends?
  • Is the kitchen used to create gourmet feasts or homestyle cooking?
  • How do we integrate ergonomics and special needs into the kitchen design and assure comfort?
  • How will we meld form and function to meet the client’s needs and desires?

In short, we tailor design to your lifestyle and personal tastes while considering elements that may never cross your mind. Heritage Kitchens & Baths’ experience with space planning allows us to provide all you need in perfect kitchen design.

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